“Get Behind me Satan”, what a statement Jesus made to Peter shortly after Peter told Jesus that he didn’t have to die on the cross. 

2 Samuel 6:6 “And when they came to the Nachon’s thressing floor, Uzzah put out his hand to the ark of God and took hold of it, for the oxen stumbled.7Then the anger of the Lord was aroused against Uzzah, and God struck him there for his error, and he died there by the ark of God.

Needless to say our Lord takes us trying to control him  (his bride) very serious. In my opinion the kingdom of darkness is set up by control. I am finding myself in the same situation as these two brothers I gave examples of. In my sinful nature I want to control everything. I want to control how the Lord deals with me, what time he decides to, when he needs to deliver me, how I can be his financial adviser, and so on and so on. 

I am in an area where the Lord is trying to teach me how to receive, which if you know me it’s very hard to do. I find myself still trying to control the Lord. It really is a beautiful experience because control on my end is a delusion. I have no control (obviously we’re not talking about self control) of my own life, how it will go and what will happen next. I find naturally I want to control people, what they do, the actions they take when it comes to being destructive with their lives, preventing the body of Christ from dividing, etc… 

Just like Uzzah I can’t control when the ark falls. It is not my job, not my responsibility, not anything to do with me at all quite frankly. I had a brother ask me a couple weeks ago if I felt in my spirit that the church I’m apart of is going to split because I would always mention it when I was noticing a concern I had. This my friends is control at it’s finest. 

Then I realized something, Jesus Christ is Lord. He holds everything in the palm of his hand. I can only trust in him, not my observations, not by fellow brothers and sisters struggles, not brothers who have fell away and the method I think that will bring them back, not my provision and the way I will have money to provide for a wife and kids one day, not if the church splits and everyone goes astray, not when the cross will come into my life or not, no I can only Trust in his rule and reign over my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters because he is the only one worthy, faithful, true. He is the only one that can do the impossible, resurrect the dead, remind by brothers who they are, bring money in right when the bills or due or not, be King and Lord over his church. I am but a man and have nothing to offer him, as ecclesiastes says you can’t add or take away one thing from God, boy is that true.

And family, this is a freeing reality, I was in tears last night because the Lord and our Father are so good to us. They always come through, life always comes, light always brakes in, his bride always follows him and overcomes everything by his headship. I’m so thankful that I need just to abide in him, not work nor toil, but to just rest in his absolute Lordship over my life and his bride. Thank God it’s not up to me to supply there every need, to be there all in all, to know all the answers for myself, that it’s not up to me working so I won’t fail. Failure is impossible, I said it impossible with God. 

So rest assured that the Lord is going to continue to kill the control in us. Not because he’s mad at us or we disappointing him, but because his yolk is easy and his burden is light, he is the king of peace and he wants to rule in our fleshly bodies, he is in charge, the victory is already won, abiding in the vine, resting in the finished works of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.