Process= A systematic series of actions directed to some end.

I am finding this process we have to go through in the Lord to be quite bitter sweet. It says somewhere it Proverbs that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is the tree of life. Boy is that an understatement Solomon. I’ve had this desire to become wealthy since I was twelve or so and to this day I believe it is from the Lord. However it is a very scary desire to have seeing so many become corrupted by that very thing. I have seen very dear brothers be led astray by it and it is very grieving.

The question then would be is this desire from the Lord? Am I eating from the Knowledge of good and evil or am I partaking of the Lords life? I believe this specific desire is from the Lord, so what do we do with a desire that can potentially become the root of all evil (that’s scary). Well that answer may seem crazy, but we do nothing that’s right absolutely nothing. 

I have found that the Lords time takes foreverrrrrrr, but if we give into the process it becomes a beautiful harmony of life and learning of our Lord. Like Paul I am learning how to be content whether in great gain or having nothing. Though having nothing yet possessing all things. That Jesus Christ is my riches. That when and if I do attain wealth it is his money anyways. My natural brother is in body life now, praise the Lord and he said, “I’m so thankful that when we try to do things on our own strength now, the Lord shuts it down”-Amen to that. 

I have gotten mad at the Lord. Yelled at him even, imagine that. Felt worthless, not intelligent, like a loser, no education, etc However, that is the point. I am weak and broken, I can do nothing apart from him. I will never fulfill a desire on my own strength, and the biggest thing is a desire to be fulfilled takes TIME. That right Time. 1,000 years to the Lord is a day, and God makes EVERYTHING beautiful in it’s time. 

I went to a brother the other day regarding being frustrated with the Process. He my friends spoke from the Life of Jesus Christ. He said, “Yeah but David was anointed King and he had to go through difficult things for seven and a half years before he sat on the throne”. Wow, Joseph, David, Abraham, even Christ himself had to go through the PROCESS. So brothers and sisters may we be like the Tortoise in the race of Life and enjoy the flowers while we are on our way to the finish line.