Biting into a nice Mrs. Fields cookie to find the sweet taste consuming your mouth. The sugar exhilarates your body, and you’re in high energy mode. We all know what happens next. You crash only to find you feel crummy, and you want another taste of the sugar feel. High’s and lows like a Mary-go-round.

The feeling doesn’t last. It never promises the filling your craving. It reminds me of relationships.

On the other hand you have healthy eating habits. Not always the best tasting food, but it fills you. Brings you nutrition. You feel better, and usually produces more energy. There isn’t an up or a down, just a constant. Every once in a while you get to eat a wonderfully tasting meal. This also reminds me of relationships.

Unhealthy relationships are like; you guessed it unhealthy eating. It promises you one thing. Looks great on advertising. Then as you partake of it you get high’s and extreme low’s. Simply put your emotions are off keel. Just like sugar the high doesn’t last. It also reminds me of sin, but that if for a different post on a different day.

When you are healthy relationships it’s the same as the food. It has a longer life span. You have a steady feel too it. Constant you could say. It doesn’t deceive you for what you thought it was. It’s simply good for you, and every once in a while you have  a great time with that other person (great meal). Thus, causing you to be thankful for it.

It is natural as you cut out the sugar (unhealthy relationships) there is a detox period, but as more days pass you become more and more healthier. You feel better on a consistent basis. Your emotions become stable. Most of all the relationships live longer.

Saints I am thankful that our Lord is like healthy eating. Our relationships with brothers and sisters if ofcourse included. I’m glad up front he tells us who he is, so there is no hiding. He is truth, he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness, and brought us into the kingdom of his Son. All I can say is its protien time!!!