What he is he’s the first born. He’s the first born of creation. Leaving behind the law for life. Making all things new. Breathing freedom into our very souls. He is triumphant. He brings deliverance. He is the all in all. All creation reveals him.

His bride is beautiful beyond description. To marvelous for words. The joy set before him was this bride. She’s the ecclesia. What a joy set before him. What a beautiful expression. The Lord says, “sit at my right hand while I make your enemies your footstool”. The grave could not contain him. No man could control him. He is the ecclesia.

He rains for ever and ever. His blood cleanses us, so only he remains. His love covers all things. We have overcome the world because he resides inside of us. Put it this way Satan has no place in his bride like he had nothing inside of him as well. Braking all powers of sin by his death. Being raised up to the right hand of God.

Bride let us celebrate our freedom. Let us celebrate our Lord’s resurrected life. Our brother, our friend, our lover, our life. With him we sit in heavenly places ruling and reigning with Christ, or did you forget one day we’d judge angels. Hallelujah we’re free. Sing it!!!!!