This may seem as common sense to most, but how easily like Israel we forget. The answer to all our problems is Christ.Yes Jesus Christ is the common dominater, the solution. Saints you can trust your Lord.

What I have been finding lately is its easy to freak out when we are facing a cross in our lives. To put it another way we are experiencing the long suffering of the Love of Jesus Christ. It seems unbearable when he is crushing our outward man so that our inward man can come forth. It’s death to our emotions, feelings and thoughts. Its like nails to a chalkboard. We feel as though like the disciples on the boat we are going to drowned in the storm. It’s amazing how that story seems so over told until you are in the midst of the storm itself, and then we find extreme comfort by this very story.
To not focus on the problems, sufferings, crosses seem impossible. Not even ideal. Its as if we are in a battle and we are surrounded on every side. Jesus was in the garden before his death asking the father to take this cup from him. On the cross he cries out why have you forsaken me (Psalms 22). Saints our very Lord, our very life source asked for the father to take away the suffering. You know what is so powerful is when he felt like the biggest sinner (fully taking on sin) he cried out why the Father had forsaken him.

Now we are left with a promise. He will never leave nor forsaken us. He is faithful to complete the good work he started in us. What is almost impossible to realize at the time that Jesus Christ is being made whole inside of us when we are facing long suffering. When we have our emotions going out of control, thoughts that seem so dark, when we want to say to the Lord why have you forsaken me. Its at that time saints when we are the holiest. The Lord is the closest. The story of Lazarus is great, but the best part is he gets resurrected in due time.

Saints we are only safe in the shadow of his wing. In beholding him to see his beautiful face. He promises that he will delliver us from our afflictions. So when it seems to unbearable, and the world seems so cruel he will rise up and give you peace. He will be your strong tower of refuge. He will give you wings like eagals to soar above the storm. He will be shown faithful. He will be the common demoninater. He is our only answer. Its nothing you did wrong. He hasn’t forsaken you. He is just Jealous to have a Bride that fully expresses him. Not our Will but your will be done oh Lord!