Okay so I’m not a great blog writer! Oh well lol sorry had to get that off my chest. I always feel I have to write a magical piece every time I write.

Since I have moved here for Organic Church the Lord has built some deep relationships between myself and other brother and sisters. I have found such an acceptance like never before. A sense of knowing I belong. I have a variety of brothers I hang out with. Some who I just have a blast with. They get my crazy personality, and I am able to let loose.

Others on another hand who are just spazes that I really enjoy spending time with. I am always entertained, and they always keep me laughing (well not always but come on lol). These relationships are Jesus Christ to me. Obviously, he can’t be seperated from his body and I experience his Love by there lives, but personally I enjoy hanging out with the Lord the best.

Don’t get me wrong I get the fact that he is not apart from his Bride. However, we still have alone time with him like he did when he was here with his Father. You know why he is my favorite person to hang out with? Because I can just be. That’s right do nothing, say nothing, act nothing, entertain nothing. Breathe in and Breathe out. There always seems to be this sense of pressure to speak when you are with brothers and sisters in the natural. Not always but you get my drift.

When I am with him I am in complete peace. Though I don’t always feel at peace I am at peace if that makes sense. He knows me best, I can laugh at my crazy thoughts when I am with him, cry, express my love and its never overbearing for him. He doesn’t see me as unhealthy. My father sees his son in me even when I come all jacked up. Without being cheesy I really can say Jesus Christ, you are my best friend.