It an amazing picture a brother shared at a brothers meeting a couple of weeks back. How are hearts are like a garden, and they have to be kept. If you don’t they become consumed by weeds and the vegetation goes bad.

What is it to have relationship with our Lord. It’s a beautiful thing. We wake only to lay down our lives, so that he can live his through us. We lie down at night only to do the same thing. Our hearts are continually before him day in and day out.

What a precious thing that we cannot in of ourselves even live life. Get ready in the morning, work, pay bills, run errands, spend time with brothers and sisters without turning to him first. It truly is a humbling thing to know apart from him we can do nothing.

One thing that I personally have noticed is intimacy and what it looks like. When I spend time with the Lord we get to know each other that much more. However, I have noticed that when  I get busy in the business of life I miss him so much, and when we finally get time I feel like we are catching up. Though he never leaves us, and there are times when he feels so far away. In my experience I have to rekindle the fire when I take a longer period of time away from him then I’d like to.

It’s actually real practical. Lets say you have a co-worker you see every day. Thus you converse with on a regular basis. Then lets say you take a vacation, and come back you have to catch each other up on all that has been going on. Your relationship is still in tact it’s just catching up is a must.

What I am not saying is that your back sliding if you don’t hang out with him all the time. It can’t come out of duty. However, when we spend time with our Lord it becomes addicting. He is our prize possession. He is the answer to every question. He knows us better than anyone. He loves spending time with us. Apart from his captivating Love we can do nothing.