Lust defined could be stated that it is only out for one’s self. To take and not give anything back. When it doesn’t get what it wants it produces anger, hatred, bitterness, etc…

Love on the other hand is the most beautiful thing that we can ever know. I have a question to whoever reads this post. Do you know how much your Father in Heaven loves you? Do you know you are the apple of his eye? Do you know he is obsessed with you?

He doesn’t keep records of your wrongs. Literally the instant after you sin you are forgiven. He doesn’t raise his voice at you. If you look at the role of a father here on earth you can find some great treasures. A child looks to their father for comfort, for balance and stability. A child will often throw a fit only to get a response, but the father just remains calm. If he were to react and get angry or loud the child would then not look to their father for that same balance he once found. There is security in his calm composure, this is how are father is.

He loves spending time with you. Did you ever get grounded growing up as a child. I’m sure if your human you did. Did you ever think your parents had to do it for discipline so you would know right from wrong, but secretly I believe at some point they enjoyed it. They got to spend time with you (teen years) when you weren’t running around with your friends. Sometimes he will ground us spiritually not because we did anything bad, but because he wants to spend time with us.

Last of all though there are many points to be made about your heavenly father loving you. Love gives and expects nothing back. Let me ask you one more question. What is the point of giving a gift if you expect something in return? It’s wouldn’t be one plain and simple. That to me is the most beautiful definition of Love.

You are a son/daughter of the Living God. His banner over you is Love. He is here for you never to leave you nor reject you. Never to be ashamed of you, or disappointed. Your Father Loves you. Actually he is obsessed with you.