I am finding with our Lord that he comes in a way that is easy to reject. When I was a little boy my Dad bought me a guitar. I remember I took lessons forever, and had wanted a guitar just as long. I remember my Dad being so excited to show me my new guitar, and of course it was a surprise. As I walked into my room from playing there it was. This is the horrible part of the story. It wasn’t the guitar I wanted.

I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t the color I wanted, the size and shape, it wasn’t the brand. Not one thing about it did I like. I remember my face gave it away. How bad I must have hurt my Dad. I recently  realized that is what we do with our Lord.

When he gives us a gift of himself we too often then not reject it. Wether it be suffering, joy, a desire of our heart but not the way we thought it should look. It’s never the way we seem to want it. Well this might be the case for only me, but I wine, kick, complain, scream because it wasn’t what I thought I should get.

This is who he is saints. A gift, whether it be in a form of a desire, or if he never gives us a desire of our hearts this is our Lord. He gives gifts that are perfect. Longsuffering is perfect when it comes from him. When I recently realized this I realized how much I hurt my Lord when I reject his gifts he gives me just like I hurt my Dad that day. May we be a people who are just thankful to be receiving a gift.