I was having a talk with a co-worker today, and I stumbled upon Christ. I was telling her how I was so excited to put more money into my savings for the last couple of weeks, and after doing it today the excitement left immediately. I was telling her how I had a similar experience with getting a flat screen T.V. She followed that by how she is always so excited to go on vacation then after getting back she is very disappointed.

I quoted Proverbs 27:19 to her “Hell and destruction are never full, so a mans eyes are never satisfied.”

I realized what it meant that Christ is our riches, and rubies, and emerald, he is our treasure. I didn’t fully get it. Today I got a glimpse of what that means. Well for one Christ is infinite, never-ending, inexhaustible. He lasts forever, so we get excited about him in the same kind of way but it’s different.

See our Lord isn’t like a flat screen, savings account, vacation, he is forever. He lasts always, he is not a goal but an ongoing vision. I picture a river that never ends. Truly his steadfast love never ceases. Though I will still get excited about my goals when it comes to natural things. I am learning to be like Paul whether in want or having plenty Christ is my contentment. He is my all in all.