The Lord will always show you where he is taking you then you have to walk through it. In proverbs it says that people without a vision (paraphrased) give off restraint. So what is our vision, of course Jesus Christ, but he’s  in all things. He will give you a vision of part of him,sometimes even a desire then he will take you on a journey.

It’s not easy though. We want to kick and scream the whole ride home. Why can’t I have this already, why can’t I be there right now. The other day I heard this 8 year old at a college talking with his mother. He found out it was a college and got super excited. He said, “Wow Mom I wish I was eighteen then I would be going to college”. We like the 8 year old all wish we were all grown up in Jesus Christ, but that’s just not the way it works.

There are  many seasons of visions. Whether it be him healing our insecurities, dealing with a sickness and not seeing the other side, wanting a job we don’t have yet, etc… For instance say you lack confidence, and the Lord shows you how he’s teaching you confidence by his life. He gives you that vision but you have to trust it. Like Peter in the water we can focus on the storm, or we can do a greater thing, and that is to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Saints, we have to trust our Lord. He truly is faithful every time. Let it be an adventure, a mystery, and leave it at that. While we are going through the process you have to look at the vision because that is where he is taking you. You have to trust the vision if you will. Like the little kid it doesn’t mean we don’t have to be excited about it, but let us enjoy him along the trip to being consumed in the vision of Jesus Christ.

-Blessed are you for you see what many wish to see (paraphrased).