So I recently went to New York City to celebrate my birthday. I had such a great time. My brother and I were so excited we took a 6:15 flight. We had two-hour drive to the airport, then a two-hour flight, had to take an air train, and a subway to finally reach our destination. Obviously it was a long trip, but I found something interesting. Because my brother and I didn’t know where our final destination was, and didn’t really know where we were going ( exact place) the trip went by really fast.

I’m from Colorado originally, and I know exactly where I’m going from the airport, how long it takes to get there, the roads I’m taking. So needless to say I found it incredible this whole walk by faith life we live by abiding in Christ. To be honest with you I never know where he is taking me, I don’t know how long it will take, nor the roads, all I truly know is him. But it will go by fast and I will enjoy every moment of it. If I knew everything that lied ahead it would make the trip tedious to say the least, and it would go by so much slower.

I found myself less talkative on this trip than I usually am because I was taking all the new experiences in. Like Christ. He is inexhaustible, he is so deep, and wide, and high, and long. I’m glad I don’t know where I’m going, nor how long it will take to get there because I enjoy being excited for what he will show me next of himself. Though in a sense I do know where I’m going, (Deeper into Christ-New York) I don’t know how to get there, nor how long it will take, but I’m glad we walk by faith and not by sight.