So I do not have the privilege of being married yet, but the Lord has formed a brotherhood relationship between me and my roommate that is very much like that of Jonathan and David. We have went through many peaks and valleys throughout the year. Our relationship has been tested by fire so that only Jesus Christ remains.

We have had to deny ourselves like a marriage. To our living situation; what we watch, cleaning preferences, waking up at a certain time etc… Let me tell you this though brothers and sisters. Jesus Christ has been formed in us, and we truly have become one. I am currently having to make a very big decision in life right now, and it blessed me that I have to think about how my decision would affect him.

Recently I had anger towards him for really no reason(minor things). Though the practical teaching in the bible of not letting the sun go down with an offense, so our adversary can’t have any room I ignored it. I let it build up for several days. It affected him as well.I hardened my heart towards him. I read the scripture in James yesterday about confessing your sins to one another so that you may be healed. Little did I know I had created murder in my heart towards my Jonathan if you will.

I came clean yesterday. Being honest about every single detail because it brings it to light so that our adversary cannot have any leeway. Brothers and sisters after we talked it out, and prayed (very practical instruction from brother James) I instantly was healed. I felt the Love of Jesus Christ touching my heart and setting me free.

So I encourage everyone if you have something Like the Lord talked about in the sermon on the mount address it right away. When you do there is healing in return, Amen.