It has been on my heart the last couple days the issue of Gossip. Regarding the world, brothers and sisters, earthly family, etc… I know our adversary is the king of slander, gossip, discord. I recently came to an understanding that you can’t really understand how horrible it may be unless it happens to you. At my job for the last couple of months I have been gossiped about tremendously.

I really believe I did nothing to deserve it, but somehow it found it’s way to me. I was accused of not being professional, being demeaning to employees and residents. It is incredible how gossip has taken it’s tole at my work place.

I believe by the indwelling life of Jesus Christ I am loving my co-workers more and more each day. I have the best numbers that my company has seen in a long time, and resident come into my office and ask for me by name every single day.

As the seeds of gossip have spread I can tell how I am viewed differently at work. Being treated less than etc.. Though the Lord has tought me to live by his life to love them more, it still affects me. I see how toxic it can be. One little thing said in negative light can ruin someones perception of a certain individual. Concerning brothers and sisters (everyone for that matter) let us speak that which is edifying to be built up, that which is holy, pure, true, and of good report. I love my brothers and my sisters vessels of my father’s house, in them I can see my saviors love for me, I love my brothers and my sisters.