Song of Solomon 8:6-8 ‘Love is fire, and jealousy endures to the grave, that no water can quench and no river can drowned out. If a man were to give away all he has for love it would be utterly despised.’ -Wow what a powerful scripture to this day it is my favorite. I remember when I was attending the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and I was in the prophesy rooms and this scripture was spoken over me with tears. It holds dear to my heart to this day.

So jealousy it makes me cringe lol. I’m currently seeing myself die in this season of my life more than I have in the past 11 months. I saw myself yesterday while I was working out slowly letting go of control in a huge way.

You know what the beautiful thing about that was. I was jealous for the Lord that very moment. I didn’t want my own desires met anymore, I don’t want a promotion, I don’t want to have anything anymore to be honest besides the Lord. He is all I crave, all I desire, all I can bare to breath in and out. He is the object of my affection. Only because I am his.

My prayer yesterday was that he would consume me with his beauty. That’s it. Not to take away this heavy load, or to fix me. Not to heal my heart from past wounds. No, that his beauty is enough on it’s own to captivate my broken heart.

I love you Lord…