It’s funny how I thought I knew how to turn to Christ. How to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I can see I have no idea. I’m facing hard things in my life right now, and I realize it’s controlled by fear. Almost a consuming fear that gives me max anxiety, and feels almost unbearable to handle.

I more recently starting understanding that I have three options;

1.Focus on the issue that causes me fear, and feed it!

2.Get frustrated that I’m not past the issue (like a child who wants to be grown up, and if he isn’t he’s frustrated).

3. Or to turn to the Lord.

I’m glad I’m facing this intense circumstance because I have no other hope than the Lord Jesus Christ. Fear stems from selfishness, on how something could affect ME. When we lay down our life for real, and turn to him that’s when the life is produced. I’m finding I have to turn to him, I cannot bare these issues any longer. If I don’t turn to the Lord I will die.