So I found it interesting yesterday I was singing a song from our song book, and ran across the words going something like this, ‘not the stripping of these idols, nor the pain, but the beaming of his beauty” (totally ruined the song). It hit me really hard how I have idols. Many in fact. From working out, to my career, to the opposite sex, to my earthly father, to in fact myself (self pity and self examination). It really was a rough thing to hear this from the Lord.

I noticed after that how I obsessed about it, focused on it, and even tried to make it a main thing. I heard from a brother how Frank Viola writes in his new book, Revise us Again how we can’t focus on what the Lord did in the past because it will only make us miss out on what he is doing now (paraphrased).

I thought it was a monthly thing. For example, I moved here 11 months ago and the Lord did some amazing things, and how now I can try to focus on those things and it doesn’t bring much life. Recently however I was trying to find encouragement through my old blogs with what I was facing several days later. Once again no life. Yesterday was the wine skin of the idols, but it needed to stop there. Peter writes beautifully how grace is simply the revelation of Jesus Christ. So when Christ revealed this idol thing to me it should have simply caused me to be. To rest in him, to turn to him. Not to get frustrated, and try to fix it on my own strength for that is impossible.

See it’s just like the wine skin thing. As soon as Christ gives me new wine skin I try to hold onto it. However, he is always doing a new thing. It is our daily bread not weekly, monthly, etc. When Christ reveals himself it is supposed to give grace not the law. Also, I believe that experiencing this will allow us to receive him more because after all he is inexhaustible. We need to let go of yesterday so can know more of Christ. We are so much other them him. Let us enjoy the new wine skin. If your holding onto something you can’t let it go!