To abide by the Lord’s life what a concept. How do we do it? How can we make a formula out of it (denomination)? Is there a help book? Picture a son holding his father’s hand, and that father is wanting to show his son something, he beckons, ‘follow me’. Our old man has a tendency to want to put the Lord in a box, to be in control. I remember at the beginning of learning to live by his life I wanted an easy equation on how to do it, but beloved there isn’t one. A simple way I can put it is laying down your life daily.  Yielding to his life- James 3:17, wisdom from heaven.

In the Gospel you see Christ being LED by the spirit into the desert for 40 days, and 40 nights. At his weakest point Satan comes to him, and tempts him. He simply shows him how He (self) could turn the rock into bread. If He (self) would just bow down he would be given control over the kingdoms of the world (independence from the father’s life). But our Lord Led by example of how he lived by the father’s life as we are learning to live by his. He could have been selfish and took control to get the quick satisfaction for himself (selfishness), but he saw a greater vision.

Jesus Christ had a vision of himself. Of brothers and sisters as one expressing him on the earth. He knew it would be a greater cost, even thinking the father had forsaken him. He was faithful however unto death. Even death on a cross. Point, we can choose to take the father’s hand and show him what we think he should see. What we think is more important, or we can trust the Lord and let go of control, our own opinion, feelings, and our very life. The cost is much greater but the reward is a king living potently through his people. Him becoming greater, as we become less.

It’s funny because as we resist Satan like Christ did after the desert angel’s are released to minister to us. Resist and he shall flee. So beloved let us lay aside every weight, and sin that so easily entangles us so our Lord can have a place to lye his head, and find rest. Let us take the Father’s hand and exprience some thing so much greater than we could ever imagine, Christ in Us.