Your probably familiar with the story of Jesus,and his disciples in the boat on the sea when the storm hit. They were terrified while the Lord was taking a nap. recently going through a storm I’m learning,and gaining comfort in this particular story. Before I explain what I wanted to share on this I wanted to encourage you that God promised Noah that he would never flood the earth again, and this my friends is a promise that the storms you may go through will pass.

I found like I believe the disciples did,that they found comfort in each other (the body of Christ) for part of the storm telling each other is was going to be okay. I found that the storm comes in waves. It gets calm then another wave comes, but it passes yet the storm isn’t over yet. To be able to bare the storm I have to have my brothers and sisters because without them the boat will tip over.

Then finally, I found Christ. Until, we the body of Christ turn to Christ and deny ourselves the storm will never stop. As we turn to him we can see many things.He is taking a nap. He is sleeping through what my flesh wants to see (walk by faith not by sight) as impossible to escape. Like the scriptures clearly show that God always starts with night then day comes. There is always a death before the life. Always a storm before the calm. In fact, I see that our faith (john 3:16) is walked out continually as we deny ourselves daily, and pick up our cross. Look at the internal bleeding women after 12 years still has faith (testing through the storms), the two blind man who were healed according to their faith. Nothing in of ourselves will ever be able to bare the storm, the death, the night. But brothers and sisters as we live by the Lords indwelling life he will take a nap through us as we journey together through the storms of Jesus Christ. He is faithful even when we are faithless. ‘Apart from me you can do nothing’. May the storms cause us to turn to Christ.