It’s so funny to me how the enemy truly tries to split the body of Christ, the ecclesia. He is so subtle yet so obvious. I don’t like talking about my experiences that much anymore on my blog, but this one I find will be beneficial for you. What is the Bride of Christ. We can state that it is a living organism, a body built by and to the Lord. A group of believers under the headship of Christ and no other. A people who truly don’t want a king to rule over them, but only the sovereign Lord. He is the Head and in all things. To look at the creator of the universe and how marvelous it is, but yet he finds brothers and sisters like you and me and says that we are his most prized possession. That we are more beautiful than the stars in the sky (take a moment and really think about that). So now to my experience. It’s funny how the enemy lies to you and tries to cause you to be separate from the body of Christ. His main source for me is rejection. For instance I have a roommate and sometimes other single brothers forget to invite us out when they hang out. And I can humbly say instead of really seeking the Lord about it I took it that I was special, and that I was elite. Also, I took it as rejection so maybe the elitism was my wall of protection. Now I can see past that I really have a family that loves me for all that I am. I have sisters and brothers who are for me and not against me. I find now when where I used to think when the single brothers don’t invite me it was rejection I realize their hearts were to invite me every time, and they always want me to be there. See the enemy is so deceptive that he can make you think your family doesn’t get you, and they never will. But the body of Christ my friends is built to and for the Lord. His perfect love is found in them when we submit to his headship. Our family really does love us, and we are in a safe place. They care about what we are going through, and want to be there for us anytime they can. My family here in gainesville, have been the example of the Lord’s relentless patience, of his unfailing Love, of his truth, of his heart that beats for me, of his acceptance, of his beautiful life that I belong in. I want to take this blog to say thank you to my family, my real family that flows with the blood of Christ, who are so precious to me in so many ways, who I can not even begin to explain how much I want to grow with them in the Lord, and feel what they feel, and walk with them holding their hand the whole way. I love you family, not because I loved you first, but because you first loved me (Christ is truly amazing).