The world is like an amusement park. They pay money to get into a park to be entertained. Picture a water park. It’s hot outside, and you can’t bring any personal items in. The only way to stop from passing out is to buy over priced water and food. Then there are the lines, waiting, and waiting, and waiting for every single thing. You finally get to go on a certain ride, or a slide if you will; then in what seems like a half of a second the ride is over. Yes, there was a rush and how exciting is was, but now it’s over it a blink of an eye. On the other hand the Lord is like a river. Picture a calm cool river, your in a boat with a really soft surface so you can lay down. You have packed a lunch for the day (your favorite thing to eat). It’s sunny outside but there is a cool breeze to balance it out. There is no end and you don’t have to be anywhere. You can eat, and take an amazing nap, or just enjoy the beautiful day. It’s free, it just takes laying down, you will have food provided, and you don’t have to be anywhere else. So when the world has the term ‘I have arrived (carreer based) well body of Christ you have arrived, in Him.