What does Love look like?The question cries out for an answer. Is it real? Does it exist? From a view from Hollywood you can see that the majority of it is always perfect. No fighting, no disagreements, no conflicts of different tastes and preferences between the two lovers. My question would be why doesn’t a man ever find the ugly about a women beautiful in a movie? Why doesn’t he see her flaws, her insecurities, her fears, and embrace them? Not once can I see that, and even if it was once shown in a movie it is not the norm. Instead I see a relationship controlled by fear, controlled by past experiences, will they say yes, will they accept me, or the cheesy lovey dovey stuff that is never reality. I see in the world lovers that never really know each other. They know maybe what each other does for hobbies, and vocation, but never who they really are. To eyes view it’s a consistent battle to make the relationship work. Someone gave me advise to wait for a relationship until I’m way older and I would appreciate it more. To me that sounds like you become too exhausted to care anymore, so you become numb. You know what, Love is something so much more, love is an identity, love is never ending, love never leaves you when times are tough, love is never selfish, love is a man consumed with the darkness of his bride, a man who knows his bride inside and out, who bares all things for her, who lays down his life for her, who continually proclaims his affections for her. Not for something back, or even a response, not for selfish gain, but for her sake. That stays with her so she knows it’s okay to be messed up, yet still very much loves her, love is just being enjoyed no matter where you are, love is a king, love is jealous, love is fire that no water can quench, love is the apple of his eye, love is a never ceasing relentless attempt to consume, love my friends is Jesus Christ, for he is patient, for he is kind, for he is not prideful, for he doesn’t boast, for he doesn’t keep records of wrongs, for he doesn’t delight in evil but rejoices in the truth, for he hopes, protects, endures, trusts, for Jesus Christ never fails you, He loves you, he loves you, he loves you, his beautiful bride.So the question would be, will you marry me?-Jesus Christ