Many feel like they are called to something, but haven’t found out what it is. To the world it’s maybe farming, maybe business.They are trying to find their nitch: their identity. Many have even graduated and don’t even use their four-year degree for what they thought they would always do. The term would be rat race, to like to take that expression a little further and call it the mouse or gerbil race. The author to whom we don’t know of Ecclesiastes wrote how everything is meaningless. Vision a picture of a mouse running in one of those circle tracks in their cages. No matter if they turn up the speed they are still in the same place doing the exact same thing. Thats what we all do without Jesus Christ. See we are told to have goals and thus they will satisfy us when we have reached the climax, but maybe they do the exact opposite. There is a story of an athletic swimmer who his whole life wanted to win the olympics, and after training and sacrifice after sacrifice he found himself winning the gold at the early age of 23. After winning he fell into a complete depression and isolated himself in a logged cabin in Alaska. When asked after several months of disappearing why he isolated he said it was because he thought if he had reached his ultimate goal his life would be fulfilled, but on the contrary it did the exact opposite. It showed him that he had nothing left. Picture if you will a caged mouse again after hours of running and running on the track wheel he is exhausted and has no more left to give. He drinks his water and finds himself wore out and stuck in a cage. Meaningless, meaningless it’s all chasing the wind paraphrased of course what the author of Ecclesiastes would say. All meaningless. To chase after the wind if you will your whole life. Jesus said not to store up for yourself treasure here on earth where robber can come in and take, and where moth and rust destroy. Well sadly enough that’s what we do without the Lord. We die with what the world calls accomplishments and can’t take a single thing with us. Then you have christians.

Believers Callings

What am I called too the million dollar question of the hour in the body of christ. If only you could hear a word of prophesy, have a dream or a vision of what your called to you would then serve a purpose. Be on the greeting team after all David was a door keeper right. Sing on the worship team. Maybe your called to be a pastor which by the way is only mentioned once in the new testament. Called to the mission field after all the world needs to hear the good news right? How about evangelism here in America, people have no idea who Christ is and if you could only tell them then everything would be alright. What about a Prophet, called to be alone, called to reveal where the body of christ at a certain church, or individual is going to go through whether it be good or bad. To challenge all of that put simple, it’s not any of that, and hopefully that takes the weight off your shoulder. If only you could figure it out. A man once said that if you don’t know our calling then you haven’t prayed enough. What a baffling statement. Come on brother or sister why haven’t you prayed to God? He wants to reveal your calling, but he’s waiting on your laziness to stop and pick up the phone and call. That sounds like a horrible lover, it doesn’t sound like the father at all. So be encouraged none of those things are your calling. Your not called to fast and pray for the nations for the rest of your life, to be lonely and prophesy, to preach profound sermons, to preach the gospel to every person you meet at the super market, or too all the nations for that matter. No it’s something much deeper than that, something a little less selfish if you will.

Not about you at all

Hopefully reading this last title in bold you received it with somewhat of a freedom. It’s not about you and your own individual calling. From the Book of Genesis to Revelation there is something beautiful that is revealed, and that my friends is Jesus Christ. Maybe a question will provoke you, or maybe a couple. Why did Jesus say greater works than these you’ll do? What was the joy set before him, what is the house of God? Why did Christ ask us to abide in the vine and what is the vine? The answer is simple. Jesus Christ died so that he would be revealed on the earth, and to the principalities, and the powers of the air. To express himself in a greater portion. How can he do that. The body of Christ. Not a denomination, not an individual calling, not a sheep who thinks he’s under his pastor, no the body of Christ living life together under the headship of Jesus Christ. Not a man, not a tradition, nor a form, or movement which usually last a couple of years. Greater works is a family of believers laying down their lives for one another (greater love has no one than this then to lay down your life for a friend rings a loud bell now doesn’t it). The ecclesia, It is God’s vision, it’s his desire, and his only purpose. That is your calling to put it bluntly to lose your life so you can gain it,and the gain is Christ being revealed on the earth. He is the all in all, the alpha, the omega, he is the purpose. As Paul put it that he would have supremacy in all things (paraphrased). It is about him, not about us. That is why Peter fell in the water because he was not quite convinced in the reality that Christ is the only vision. So have hope and courage in this brothers and sisters. You are called, called to a king, called to make yourself ready, called to deny yourself daily and pick up your cross, not as an isolated individual, but as a believer in a living community. To be a brother or a sister, to lay down your lives for your family so that only Christ remains. So be encouraged not just you, but the body functioning together under his headship was the joy that was set before him. Paul considered to know only one thing, Christ, and him crucified.