I’m writing a song right now about how I have built my own city. If you can imagine my own castle like in the olden days. It reminds me of the castle on Lord of the Rings. So that being said, how I have built my own castle and what’s inside that castle would be the next question? My heart, see I have built brick upon brick to guard my heart, to keep it safe. After pain, after abuse, after the world and institutional church chewed me up this is the city I have built. Nothing grows there, not one single strand of grass, not one flower it’s empty. But my heart is still big, it’s still vibrant, it’s still loving and patient. Still is tender and most importantly it’s full. Outside the city gates is a different story. There is a beautiful land, valley, with all kinds of flowers, fresh grass, the wind blowing and there is no roof like my city so water can get to it.

One thing I have realized is that there is a man outside my city gates, a man that keeps walking around, and around. He told me that he’s going to continue to walk around until the walls fall down. See he wants me to get some fresh air, take the brick pressure off my heart, be able to receive some water, see the beauty that’s in the valley, smell the flowers. Why is he doing this because he knows the builder of the castle. He knows him before he decided to build it, before bricks were put on and around his heart. See because it’s been so long my heart is scared to experience the valley, so this man lays with me after he breaks down the walls and tells me I don’t have to go anywhere that there is no rush, but it gives me a vision. Why you might ask did this man break down my walls? Not just because he knew me before I built them, not just because I had weight on my heart, but because he, Jesus Christ saw the white flag in my heart. That’s all he needs like Jericho he marches around the walls of heart until they fall, and if we can realize our hearts are beautiful, vibrant, loving, and full we can allow the Lord Jesus Christ to march tell once and for all we can forfeit our city gates.