Everything cries out that Christ would be revealed. I was at the gym the other day and found myself identifying myself as my old man. See I was wearing fashionable workout clothes, having a tan, and a hair cut looking like most the people in there. There was a couple very attractive girls wearing little to nothing, and they were making it a point to get my attention, but I didn’t give them the time of day. It was the craziest thing to me because I could see the world systems right in front of my face, like I could identify sin, but it wasn’t anything I was doing. I could just see it, but it wasn’t affecting me it actually was causing me to grieve for the women and men in the gym (in a non judgemental way). To a Pharisee I would be unholy by the way I looked. In the past I have been rebuked for working out and tanning by a brother saying I was causing my sisters to stumble (madness). Christ see’s our hearts, he’s not looking at our gel, makeup, clothes, or demeanor or even our performance he looks at our hearts, and that’s what he’s after. I thought moving to an organic body and actually seeing Christ in my brothers and sisters for the first time, and experiencing his love through them that I would be restored from being wore out (my situation when I moved to the body), but the wore out was in fact the old man. See as I’m learning to Put on the Lord Jesus Christ like Paul instructed I find every time I feel wore out, exhausted from turning elsewhere (career, women, money, self-pity) it’s not because I need time to heal from being independent. No it’s actually because Christ killed me once and for all 2,000 years ago, and now I’m being awakened to it. So brothers and sisters I charge you today to Put on the Lord Jesus Christ!