I am discovering in Life that this suffering we tend to go through is from the hand of Lord. For this momentary light afllicion working in me for the eternal weight of Glory. I mean look at 1Cor13 when Paul defines Love. The very first description is that love is long suffering. It’s not just the beholding on who he is, but actually the suffering of his life as well. You can go as practical as the way the world see’s it.If you didn’t go through the struggles in life then you wouldn’t be thankful for the good times. With the Lord it is far greater an expression, if there isn’t death then life wouldn’t be the outcome. I think the world has it mixed up. It’s not life to death, but death to life. For instance if Christ didn’t suffer on the cross of Calvary then we the body of the living God wouldn’t be here today. He had to die so he could have brothers and sisters like you and me. Same for those who had to deny themselves (Death) in the Gospel to follow Christ (Life). The Cross isn’t nice, it doesn’t bring comfort, it is actually the thing that I quench up about the most, but that’s where the life is produced. Look at Lazarus after he died the family was grieving, and the Lord grieved with them eventhough he knew he would raise him up in the days ahead. Four days, really why not an hour. Why be so intense. Well i find that God is a God like this. He waites past the point of hopelessness and raises us up like the Lord did with Lazarus. And if God is Love. Well then my friends than Love trust. You can Trust your Lord.