It’s amazing to me how self righteous I am, seriously. It’s like Adam and Eve in the Garden when the Devil lied to them that if they ate the apple they could be like God. See the point is they already were like God, they were made in his image before the foundation of the world. I found myself today trying to muster up enough prayer, enough striving to get my anxiety off my back. And since in the past I have read in Philippians 4 that if I cast my cares upon him then perfect peace will guard my heart and soul. Which has been the case in the past and still happens all the time, but not the same case today. See I had a different motive in mind that if I can only do enough then I’ll feel better, I’ll have my burden lifted I’ll quote on quote be like God. What a robbery from the truth. Saints we’re already like Christ we are made in his image. If Jesus is the King of the Universe as his brothers and sisters we are prince and princesses that reign with him. We sit in heavenly places right now, clean, pure, without blemish. I like how nothing can be added to God or taken away not even my righteousness. The father doesn’t love us on a condition basis. Like my parents did when I would make them proud they would finally show it. See the Father loves us no matter what we do. I like this bumper sticker I read the other day, ‘I’m a proud parent period”.