He never fails to suprise me, he never fails to heal me, he never fails to show me how much he loves me. That is the very essence of it all that love, it never fails. And Christ is love. No matter what I’m going through whether I be in a particularly good season, or one of those times where everything feels that it’s caving in he’s always right there. What I was reflecting on the other day is that he never settles. Christ never settles. He didn’t get the crowns on his head and stop and say this is enough I’m good right here I can’t take it anymore. He didn’t let the gruesome lashing into his back consume him. To be honest he didn’t dwell on it. No I would imagine he saw us, his bride. He saw you, and me and he never gave up for one moment. It’s like an athlete in a sense after they have won the gold medal while on the stage, if they were to be asked if they regretted all the hard work, all the sacrifices. Not for one minute would they the joy to have the gold was set before them. The same goes for Christ we being the joy and then some. He doesn’t stay in one spot though he is stable, the most balanced man to ever walk the earth, he doesn’t settle for less than. So when you find yourself in a place where you feel that it’s just a desert and there is no more hope, realize Christ. Realize that as Paul says he will continue the work until the coming of our Lord. And that Christ in us is our hope of Glory. Get it? Christ is our hope and he doesn’t settle, he will never just stop or relent, he’s jealous for us. Like I heard in a song the other day that he kills us so that we can be happy. So may your heart be filled with joy knowing you were your Lords joy set before him!