It’s interesting how the Lord teaches us to turn the other cheek. I can’t stand that at times when I’m facing the cross and to add to it someone who has no consideration says something rude. Oh how God cannot reveal his thoughts to a senseless man so in a way I’m actually thankful that it happens. What was it I heard the other day that God kills us so we can be happy, at moments like this I have to cling to that truth. I don’t get this whole blog thing, how already posting my first one I care what people are going to think. I doubt anyone will even read it. So now that I’ve vented lets begin! I love how much other than I am to Christ in his divinity. I love that I have different thoughts and different ways than him. That it’s okay to be wrong and to not feel compatible to Christ. I was recently reading T. Austin Sparks book called ‘School of Christ’ where he talks about how the disciples had to realize they were other than in order for Christ to make constructive dicipling. It was funny to me because as soon as I heard that I instantly starting condemning myself thinking that I was so much different and I needed to change.  Then a couple days later after living in guilt like I have most of my life I was walking my dog Marley and the Lord gently showed me how I don’t have to kill myself. It’s funny because instantly I wanted to argue with him, but it was one of those things that was perfect timing. He said he did a good enough job killing me, and that was that. Wow, what a release to hear it from him. I mean from my past being at the International house of prayer, and many institutional churches I find in Organic church life that the Lord is less and less mystical then I have made him out to be. Like Elijah he’s not in the fire, tornado, or earthquake (I believe), he’s in the still small whisper. In the simple things of life like just me walking my dog. Also I have found it to be refreshing that it’s not about another program, or a movement the Lord is setting up for his return, or about me saving everyone for all the shameful reason in fact it’s not about me at all or any of those things. It’s about Christ and him alone. That is the eternal purpose of God period that Christ would be in ALL THINGS!!! Think about it if greater works than this we would do how would that be possible. It’s not about me being some spiritual super star if I could only muster up enough faith. Christ was talking about the body of Christ because the head and the body cannot be separated. So as a body and we grow in the things of Christ we not just as one person but as a body laying down are lives and growing in his love we will display his life and his love. Not by works but just by abiding in his vine which I have found to be his body.