“Get Behind me Satan”, what a statement Jesus made to Peter shortly after Peter told Jesus that he didn’t have to die on the cross. 

2 Samuel 6:6 “And when they came to the Nachon’s thressing floor, Uzzah put out his hand to the ark of God and took hold of it, for the oxen stumbled.7Then the anger of the Lord was aroused against Uzzah, and God struck him there for his error, and he died there by the ark of God.

Needless to say our Lord takes us trying to control him  (his bride) very serious. In my opinion the kingdom of darkness is set up by control. I am finding myself in the same situation as these two brothers I gave examples of. In my sinful nature I want to control everything. I want to control how the Lord deals with me, what time he decides to, when he needs to deliver me, how I can be his financial adviser, and so on and so on. 

I am in an area where the Lord is trying to teach me how to receive, which if you know me it’s very hard to do. I find myself still trying to control the Lord. It really is a beautiful experience because control on my end is a delusion. I have no control (obviously we’re not talking about self control) of my own life, how it will go and what will happen next. I find naturally I want to control people, what they do, the actions they take when it comes to being destructive with their lives, preventing the body of Christ from dividing, etc… 

Just like Uzzah I can’t control when the ark falls. It is not my job, not my responsibility, not anything to do with me at all quite frankly. I had a brother ask me a couple weeks ago if I felt in my spirit that the church I’m apart of is going to split because I would always mention it when I was noticing a concern I had. This my friends is control at it’s finest. 

Then I realized something, Jesus Christ is Lord. He holds everything in the palm of his hand. I can only trust in him, not my observations, not by fellow brothers and sisters struggles, not brothers who have fell away and the method I think that will bring them back, not my provision and the way I will have money to provide for a wife and kids one day, not if the church splits and everyone goes astray, not when the cross will come into my life or not, no I can only Trust in his rule and reign over my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters because he is the only one worthy, faithful, true. He is the only one that can do the impossible, resurrect the dead, remind by brothers who they are, bring money in right when the bills or due or not, be King and Lord over his church. I am but a man and have nothing to offer him, as ecclesiastes says you can’t add or take away one thing from God, boy is that true.

And family, this is a freeing reality, I was in tears last night because the Lord and our Father are so good to us. They always come through, life always comes, light always brakes in, his bride always follows him and overcomes everything by his headship. I’m so thankful that I need just to abide in him, not work nor toil, but to just rest in his absolute Lordship over my life and his bride. Thank God it’s not up to me to supply there every need, to be there all in all, to know all the answers for myself, that it’s not up to me working so I won’t fail. Failure is impossible, I said it impossible with God. 

So rest assured that the Lord is going to continue to kill the control in us. Not because he’s mad at us or we disappointing him, but because his yolk is easy and his burden is light, he is the king of peace and he wants to rule in our fleshly bodies, he is in charge, the victory is already won, abiding in the vine, resting in the finished works of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Process= A systematic series of actions directed to some end.

I am finding this process we have to go through in the Lord to be quite bitter sweet. It says somewhere it Proverbs that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is the tree of life. Boy is that an understatement Solomon. I’ve had this desire to become wealthy since I was twelve or so and to this day I believe it is from the Lord. However it is a very scary desire to have seeing so many become corrupted by that very thing. I have seen very dear brothers be led astray by it and it is very grieving.

The question then would be is this desire from the Lord? Am I eating from the Knowledge of good and evil or am I partaking of the Lords life? I believe this specific desire is from the Lord, so what do we do with a desire that can potentially become the root of all evil (that’s scary). Well that answer may seem crazy, but we do nothing that’s right absolutely nothing. 

I have found that the Lords time takes foreverrrrrrr, but if we give into the process it becomes a beautiful harmony of life and learning of our Lord. Like Paul I am learning how to be content whether in great gain or having nothing. Though having nothing yet possessing all things. That Jesus Christ is my riches. That when and if I do attain wealth it is his money anyways. My natural brother is in body life now, praise the Lord and he said, “I’m so thankful that when we try to do things on our own strength now, the Lord shuts it down”-Amen to that. 

I have gotten mad at the Lord. Yelled at him even, imagine that. Felt worthless, not intelligent, like a loser, no education, etc However, that is the point. I am weak and broken, I can do nothing apart from him. I will never fulfill a desire on my own strength, and the biggest thing is a desire to be fulfilled takes TIME. That right Time. 1,000 years to the Lord is a day, and God makes EVERYTHING beautiful in it’s time. 

I went to a brother the other day regarding being frustrated with the Process. He my friends spoke from the Life of Jesus Christ. He said, “Yeah but David was anointed King and he had to go through difficult things for seven and a half years before he sat on the throne”. Wow, Joseph, David, Abraham, even Christ himself had to go through the PROCESS. So brothers and sisters may we be like the Tortoise in the race of Life and enjoy the flowers while we are on our way to the finish line.

Biting into a nice Mrs. Fields cookie to find the sweet taste consuming your mouth. The sugar exhilarates your body, and you’re in high energy mode. We all know what happens next. You crash only to find you feel crummy, and you want another taste of the sugar feel. High’s and lows like a Mary-go-round.

The feeling doesn’t last. It never promises the filling your craving. It reminds me of relationships.

On the other hand you have healthy eating habits. Not always the best tasting food, but it fills you. Brings you nutrition. You feel better, and usually produces more energy. There isn’t an up or a down, just a constant. Every once in a while you get to eat a wonderfully tasting meal. This also reminds me of relationships.

Unhealthy relationships are like; you guessed it unhealthy eating. It promises you one thing. Looks great on advertising. Then as you partake of it you get high’s and extreme low’s. Simply put your emotions are off keel. Just like sugar the high doesn’t last. It also reminds me of sin, but that if for a different post on a different day.

When you are healthy relationships it’s the same as the food. It has a longer life span. You have a steady feel too it. Constant you could say. It doesn’t deceive you for what you thought it was. It’s simply good for you, and every once in a while you have  a great time with that other person (great meal). Thus, causing you to be thankful for it.

It is natural as you cut out the sugar (unhealthy relationships) there is a detox period, but as more days pass you become more and more healthier. You feel better on a consistent basis. Your emotions become stable. Most of all the relationships live longer.

Saints I am thankful that our Lord is like healthy eating. Our relationships with brothers and sisters if ofcourse included. I’m glad up front he tells us who he is, so there is no hiding. He is truth, he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness, and brought us into the kingdom of his Son. All I can say is its protien time!!!

What he is he’s the first born. He’s the first born of creation. Leaving behind the law for life. Making all things new. Breathing freedom into our very souls. He is triumphant. He brings deliverance. He is the all in all. All creation reveals him.

His bride is beautiful beyond description. To marvelous for words. The joy set before him was this bride. She’s the ecclesia. What a joy set before him. What a beautiful expression. The Lord says, “sit at my right hand while I make your enemies your footstool”. The grave could not contain him. No man could control him. He is the ecclesia.

He rains for ever and ever. His blood cleanses us, so only he remains. His love covers all things. We have overcome the world because he resides inside of us. Put it this way Satan has no place in his bride like he had nothing inside of him as well. Braking all powers of sin by his death. Being raised up to the right hand of God.

Bride let us celebrate our freedom. Let us celebrate our Lord’s resurrected life. Our brother, our friend, our lover, our life. With him we sit in heavenly places ruling and reigning with Christ, or did you forget one day we’d judge angels. Hallelujah we’re free. Sing it!!!!!

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The body of Jesus Christ trumps any single man. A platform set with the mood lights just right. A whorship team on stage playing a song that touches everyone in the crowd. Everyone has traveled from all over the world to see this one speaker tonight. They are expecting perfect rhetoric, an emotional based message if you will.

After delivering the message he asks anyone if they would like prayer. He has quite a response as everyone flauks to the front to have this man lay hands on them and pray for them. A couple questions come to mind.

1. After this message are you changed for a long period of time whether healed emotionally or mentally?

2. Do you know Christ more?

The fix of a holy anointed man depending upon his message is addicting. Mostly the message is some topic in the bible (this blog does not apply to speakers who speak the centrality of Jesus Christ when ministiring to a body under his headship). You crave it, and in a few days you are looking for more. More of what would be a good quesstion to ask yourself as well.

After the message do you know Christ more? Not just an idea around the person of Jesus Christ, but who he is. Does it stand the test of time, or are you dying to have another message from a single man to get your fix? Brothers and Sisters in my opinon the body of Christ, living and breathing and functioning trumps any man without a second thought about it.

Galations 2:6 As for those who were held in high esteem—whatever they were makes no difference to me; God does not show favoritism—they added nothing to my message.

Gal 1:12 I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.

The body in a meeting flowing by sharing the life of Jesus Christ trumps any man period. When you experience the revelation of Jesus Christ in a body sharing him it is eternal. It isn’t something you will go on to never  forget. Why? Because he is the head. Like the old testament he wanted to be king over Israel and they continued to want a man to rule them, but if we deny ourselves and allow him to be head it is glorious. His Bride is simply stunning. She is him on the earth living and breathing. We Love your Church oh Lord…

This may seem as common sense to most, but how easily like Israel we forget. The answer to all our problems is Christ.Yes Jesus Christ is the common dominater, the solution. Saints you can trust your Lord.

What I have been finding lately is its easy to freak out when we are facing a cross in our lives. To put it another way we are experiencing the long suffering of the Love of Jesus Christ. It seems unbearable when he is crushing our outward man so that our inward man can come forth. It’s death to our emotions, feelings and thoughts. Its like nails to a chalkboard. We feel as though like the disciples on the boat we are going to drowned in the storm. It’s amazing how that story seems so over told until you are in the midst of the storm itself, and then we find extreme comfort by this very story.
To not focus on the problems, sufferings, crosses seem impossible. Not even ideal. Its as if we are in a battle and we are surrounded on every side. Jesus was in the garden before his death asking the father to take this cup from him. On the cross he cries out why have you forsaken me (Psalms 22). Saints our very Lord, our very life source asked for the father to take away the suffering. You know what is so powerful is when he felt like the biggest sinner (fully taking on sin) he cried out why the Father had forsaken him.

Now we are left with a promise. He will never leave nor forsaken us. He is faithful to complete the good work he started in us. What is almost impossible to realize at the time that Jesus Christ is being made whole inside of us when we are facing long suffering. When we have our emotions going out of control, thoughts that seem so dark, when we want to say to the Lord why have you forsaken me. Its at that time saints when we are the holiest. The Lord is the closest. The story of Lazarus is great, but the best part is he gets resurrected in due time.

Saints we are only safe in the shadow of his wing. In beholding him to see his beautiful face. He promises that he will delliver us from our afflictions. So when it seems to unbearable, and the world seems so cruel he will rise up and give you peace. He will be your strong tower of refuge. He will give you wings like eagals to soar above the storm. He will be shown faithful. He will be the common demoninater. He is our only answer. Its nothing you did wrong. He hasn’t forsaken you. He is just Jealous to have a Bride that fully expresses him. Not our Will but your will be done oh Lord!

Okay so I’m not a great blog writer! Oh well lol sorry had to get that off my chest. I always feel I have to write a magical piece every time I write.

Since I have moved here for Organic Church the Lord has built some deep relationships between myself and other brother and sisters. I have found such an acceptance like never before. A sense of knowing I belong. I have a variety of brothers I hang out with. Some who I just have a blast with. They get my crazy personality, and I am able to let loose.

Others on another hand who are just spazes that I really enjoy spending time with. I am always entertained, and they always keep me laughing (well not always but come on lol). These relationships are Jesus Christ to me. Obviously, he can’t be seperated from his body and I experience his Love by there lives, but personally I enjoy hanging out with the Lord the best.

Don’t get me wrong I get the fact that he is not apart from his Bride. However, we still have alone time with him like he did when he was here with his Father. You know why he is my favorite person to hang out with? Because I can just be. That’s right do nothing, say nothing, act nothing, entertain nothing. Breathe in and Breathe out. There always seems to be this sense of pressure to speak when you are with brothers and sisters in the natural. Not always but you get my drift.

When I am with him I am in complete peace. Though I don’t always feel at peace I am at peace if that makes sense. He knows me best, I can laugh at my crazy thoughts when I am with him, cry, express my love and its never overbearing for him. He doesn’t see me as unhealthy. My father sees his son in me even when I come all jacked up. Without being cheesy I really can say Jesus Christ, you are my best friend.

It an amazing picture a brother shared at a brothers meeting a couple of weeks back. How are hearts are like a garden, and they have to be kept. If you don’t they become consumed by weeds and the vegetation goes bad.

What is it to have relationship with our Lord. It’s a beautiful thing. We wake only to lay down our lives, so that he can live his through us. We lie down at night only to do the same thing. Our hearts are continually before him day in and day out.

What a precious thing that we cannot in of ourselves even live life. Get ready in the morning, work, pay bills, run errands, spend time with brothers and sisters without turning to him first. It truly is a humbling thing to know apart from him we can do nothing.

One thing that I personally have noticed is intimacy and what it looks like. When I spend time with the Lord we get to know each other that much more. However, I have noticed that when  I get busy in the business of life I miss him so much, and when we finally get time I feel like we are catching up. Though he never leaves us, and there are times when he feels so far away. In my experience I have to rekindle the fire when I take a longer period of time away from him then I’d like to.

It’s actually real practical. Lets say you have a co-worker you see every day. Thus you converse with on a regular basis. Then lets say you take a vacation, and come back you have to catch each other up on all that has been going on. Your relationship is still in tact it’s just catching up is a must.

What I am not saying is that your back sliding if you don’t hang out with him all the time. It can’t come out of duty. However, when we spend time with our Lord it becomes addicting. He is our prize possession. He is the answer to every question. He knows us better than anyone. He loves spending time with us. Apart from his captivating Love we can do nothing.


Lust defined could be stated that it is only out for one’s self. To take and not give anything back. When it doesn’t get what it wants it produces anger, hatred, bitterness, etc…

Love on the other hand is the most beautiful thing that we can ever know. I have a question to whoever reads this post. Do you know how much your Father in Heaven loves you? Do you know you are the apple of his eye? Do you know he is obsessed with you?

He doesn’t keep records of your wrongs. Literally the instant after you sin you are forgiven. He doesn’t raise his voice at you. If you look at the role of a father here on earth you can find some great treasures. A child looks to their father for comfort, for balance and stability. A child will often throw a fit only to get a response, but the father just remains calm. If he were to react and get angry or loud the child would then not look to their father for that same balance he once found. There is security in his calm composure, this is how are father is.

He loves spending time with you. Did you ever get grounded growing up as a child. I’m sure if your human you did. Did you ever think your parents had to do it for discipline so you would know right from wrong, but secretly I believe at some point they enjoyed it. They got to spend time with you (teen years) when you weren’t running around with your friends. Sometimes he will ground us spiritually not because we did anything bad, but because he wants to spend time with us.

Last of all though there are many points to be made about your heavenly father loving you. Love gives and expects nothing back. Let me ask you one more question. What is the point of giving a gift if you expect something in return? It’s wouldn’t be one plain and simple. That to me is the most beautiful definition of Love.

You are a son/daughter of the Living God. His banner over you is Love. He is here for you never to leave you nor reject you. Never to be ashamed of you, or disappointed. Your Father Loves you. Actually he is obsessed with you.


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